To Say It's Infringing On My Community And That Constituents Don't Want It — which Constituents?

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But back in January, a couple of my colleagues went door-to-door near the proposed park along 35 and found longtime residents who remembered the destruction of the neighborhood and hoped some green space would provide a salve. Others, among them Arnold's predecessor Dwaine Caraway, said it's about time. "The cry is, 'Hey, y'all, we're over here, we exist,' " Caraway said Monday. "A deck park is one of the best things we can have. To say no to quality retail, jobs and opportunity is not what the southern part of the city deserves. To say it's infringing on my community and that constituents don't want it — which constituents? The little animals in the zoo?" But Arnold's opposition has been unwavering. This go-round, she was particularly incensed by a new set of renderings unveiled Monday that came out of community meetings. She wanted to know who'd done them, who paid for them. She sounds like a prosecutor trying to make a conspiracy theory stick.

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